How to Use Podcast App on Apple TV

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In this article we are going to How to use podcast app on Apple TV. Who else don’t want to watch the favorite podcast on Apple TV? But the most of the Apple TV users doesn’t know how to use podcast app on Apple TV. If you don’t know how to use podcast app on Apple TV then here is the guide that explain you to use podcast app on Apple TV. This simple guide explains you to use podcast app on Apple TV in the simple manner and that’s it. Scroll below to get to know about How to use Podcast App on Apple TV?
In past viewing favorite podcasts on Apple TV wasn’t possible but now you can watch directly in it. You need to have latest version of Apple TV in order to use podcast app on Apple TV. So here is the guide How to use Podcast App on Apple TV? Then follow the step by step guide.

Use Podcast App on Apple TV?

 It is the simple guide that I will explain you How to use Podcast on your Apple TV and that will explain it step by step guide. Don’t wait, it only takes two minutes.
Ø  In the first step itself, you need to make sure that your Apple TV date is correct. If not then adjust the date settings and continue with the guide.
Ø  Then you have to go to Settings menu in your Apple TV.
Ø  Then you need to go to System option.
Ø  Then you just need to select Software Updates and then select Update Software option then it will download the latest version of OS and that’s you are done.
Ø  Then after this all I mean after the finishing of updating, you will see the podcast app icon on your Apple TV on the home screen of Apple TV. Then the Podcast app will automatically sync your content from iTunes using iCloud then open your Apple TV.
Ø  Just click on the Podcast app icon and then go to My Podcasts section.
Ø  After this all, you need to select one of the Podcast and then click on Play button.
Ø  That was it. I think you have got all. Enjoy.

Final Say:

This was How to use Podcast on your Apple TV? I think the guide was precious and if have any suggestion regarding this article I mean if I forgot to mention something then you can suggest it through comments using below from. If you any queries regarding this guide can be asked through comments using below form and I will resolve it within 24 hours.
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Facebook App Download for Android Mobile

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Facebook; is the most popular social media application available in the online right now. There are billions of user accounts were created and accessed regularly. Facebook can be accessed by any electronic gadgets like Android phones, PC, iPhone, and more. They provide updates in regular interval to include the latest features in the Android and PC platform. It seems to be a great forum to express the individual opinions on their accounts login via the Facebook app or Facebook website. Facebook is known as the most developed social app around the world over a decade. We can’t see a person without a Facebook account in the modern era. Facebook app can be downloaded easily from online using the internet for your Smartphone, PC or any other device. You must check with your Smartphone to accommodate FB app.
Facebook app can be used for sharing the information with your friends and public as well. You can post your image, videos, GIFs from your account. You can also create your own Facebook page, group from your account.

Facebook App Download for Android Mobile

Features of Facebook app for android mobile

·         The Facebook app requires very minimum space to install on your Android phone.
·         Easy account access through Android platform.
·         Can upload or download photos, images, GIFs, videos, etc using the internet.
·         It requires reliable internet connection to provide continues support.
·         Facebook allows you to share anything on your wall with text, images, and videos.
·         It offers high security to keep your accounts, data safe from the third party users.
Download Facebook app for Android
Facebook application is available in the Google play store. Can be downloaded easily for all the Android version for free. For downloading the Facebook app, you should have a reliable network connection, so the downloading and installing process seems easy to compare to anything else. Also, you need to ensure that your Android version is suitable for downloading the latest Facebook update app. If your android version is too old, then change it by updating your phone OS. Always keep a backup of the downloaded Facebook app on your Android mobile.
Steps to download and install Facebook app on your Android mobile
·         Facebook app can be downloaded from play store, so you must have a valid playstore account to download the apps.
·         Then open the playstore app with account details and then search for the Facebook app from playstore search option.
·         Then click on the Facebook app icon and tap to download the app.
·         The downloading will ends in few seconds as per the network speed.
·         Now it automatically enables the Facebook app to install on your android mobile. 
·         Once completed the installing process tap on the Facebook app to open it.
·         Now create your account or directly login providing your account details.
·         Then it’s all about you, start to experience the features of Facebook app on your Android mobile.
Using the Facebook app on Android phone is very easy, can connect with your friends anywhere and anytime, because the app helps you to log in from anytime from your Android mobile, no need to turn on your PC.

Download blackmart apk

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As we all know that most of the people are very much interested in downloading the apps and games for their devices to use. Also, they used to download the games and apps from Google PlayStore for free. On the other side, users must need to pay for the apps and games with more features. At that time people may feel weird to download their favorite apps by paying from Google PlayStore.
For those people, there is an app called Blackmart which is available in the tech market. By downloading this app, you can purchase any type of paid games and apps from the store at free of cost. It is also one of the best and popular apps among the people in recent times.
black mart apk free downlaod

Features of Blackmart apk

When comes to download, people who are all seeking for the best features to know about the app. For those people, here we are sharing some of the important features to know.
·         It is absolutely free to download from the site and allows you to download any games and apps for free.
·         It is also said to be the alternative app for Google PlayStore.
·         With the help of this app, you can download a unlimited number of apps on your device at free of cost.
·         Here you can search the app in an ease manner.
·         You can also easily search for the apps by just adding the keyword on the search box.
These are the main features to know by the users that who all are looking for a long time.

Howto download and install Blackmart apk

People who are all seeking for a long time about the steps to know for downloading and installing can follow the steps given here. It will be very helpful for the users to download on their device.
1.       First of all, the users must visit the website to download blackmart apk.
2.       By visiting the site, you need to search for the apk file to download on your device. Once the Blackmart apk file is available, you have to click the link now to download.
3.       Make sure that your device is having the enough memory storage or not.
4.       Now click the apk file to download and visit the security settings to enable “unknown sources”.
5.       By enabling, you can now ready to download any android apps on your device at free of cost.
6.       After downloading, check out the downloaded apk file and stored in SD card to save phone memory.
7.       Now you are ready to install and use on your device.
The above main steps that you need to follow for downloading and install the app on your device at anytime.

Final words
If you are searching for the alternative PlayStore apps, then this is the best solution for you to go ahead. Also, to download any kind of apps and games for free on your device can prefer this amazing app at anytime. As per the information, the developers are also preparing for the update by adding more interesting features.

Cinema Box App for PC

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The Cinema Box app is one of the best apps among all the Android streaming apps. Cinema Box is available for all the platforms whether it is PC, Mobile phones, etc. Cinema Box is also available for the iOS users. Cinema Box is helping you to watch and download all movies and TV shows.
Cinema Box is a wonderful application, which every movie enthusiast would fall for. The Cinema Box is available for the Android, and iOS users and the users can watch their movies and shows completely free.
There is the bunch of listed programs in this application; you can select it from your choice. There was the download option also available to watch it later in the time which you prefer.
Features of Cinema Box app
The stunning features provided by this fantastic Cinema Box app. Cinema Box is the best alternative for the PlayBox HD app. Cinema Box is the extended version of the existed PlayBox HD app.
Ø Cinema Box has the largest database of TV shows, animated movies, movies.
Ø Cinema Box provides shows and movies in the HD quality format.
Ø Cinema Box HD allows viewing and downloads the latest and different genres of films, favorite TV shows.
Ø You can download the Tv shows, Movies, Animation movies and more for the offline view.
Ø The Cinema Box app server is faster, and you can expect the good speed while watching and streaming.
Ø This app is also supported Android and iOS.
How to Install Cinema Box App for PC
Ø Firstly, install the Bluestacks on your PC. Bluestacks is the Android emulator which helps to run the Android application on your PC. Among the different Android emulator in the market, I would prefer Bluestacks, and if you are looking for the best alternative for the Bluestacks to install the Cinema Box apk, then I will prefer you Nox App player.
Ø After the installation, launch Bluestacks and get the latest Cinema Box app.
Ø After that, just click on the right side of your mouse on the downloaded file and open it with the Bluestacks.
Ø Now the app file will install automatically and now you will able to run the application, and you will be able to surf out your favorite movies and shows.

I hope after reading this post, you will understand about the Cinema Box app. In this post, we are telling you the features and installation process of Cinema Box app.

How to Save Google Maps to use Offline.

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In this article am going to guide you How to save Google maps for offline use? Google Maps the best feature by Google. As you want to find your destination you use Google and you also use it for many purposes like Map checking, traffic , route and many more. Some times when you are going to strange location and you are using Google Maps to find the location and have the route plan on your smart phone. But the problem is battery if you on GPS on your mobile continuously then your battery will be low within hours. That’s why we found the solution for your guys in that you can save your route plan or Google maps.
Then the guide explained is here in simple manner and let you know the guide very clearly.  I mean you can use it even without internet and it completely helps you to access the Google maps or location. The below step by step guide will explain you How to save Google Maps? Just two more taps on your phone and you will know the guide completely. Just two minutes and two more taps.

Save Google Maps for Offline use:

                   So, here the guide starts here and you need to follow all the steps carefully in order to use save Maps for offline. Now, there is no much time and you just have to perform the below steps.
Ø  In the first step, open the Google Maps on your device.
Ø  Then you have to search the location in the Google Maps that you want to save.
Ø  Now, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find Save Map to sue Offline. Then tap on that button.
Ø  Now, that again take backs you to the maps the location that you want to save.
Ø  Then you have to choose the perfect location that you want to save.
Ø  Then after selecting the area, you need to tap on Save button.
Ø  Then you have to see the location where it has been saved.
Ø  Then you need to swipe from left side of your screen and you will find option called Your Places and just tap on that button.
Ø  Then scroll down to the bottom and tap on View All and in that tap on Manage button.
Ø  Then it will show you the maps that you have saved.
Ø  That was it.

Final Say:

This was guide about How to Boot Android Phone Faster? Just try it and enjoy. If you have any suggestion regarding this article you can openly say that through comments using below form or if you have any queries or confusions regarding this guide then you can ask them through comments using form provided below and we will reply to it within 24hours.

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How to Earn money online from your blog in 2017

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As you know making money online is the best way to make money in home. So, making money online from blog is ultimate way to make money by being your own boss. Blogging is the best way to make money online by creating own blog by getting a lot of traffic. There are lots of ways to make money by blogging if you are hard worker.

You can make money online by creating your own blog in many platforms like Blogger, Wordpress and many more. Then start your blog and make money online. So, if you are dreaming off for making money online for your blog and want to do hard work then it will be too easy to make money for you. There are many way to make money online from your blog and here we are we are mentioning the important using those you can easily make money online.

Earn Money Online from your Blog  

So, here are the best methods to earn money from your own blog.

Google Adsense- Make Money through Ads:

It’s the beginning and best way to earn money from your blog. You just need to sign up for Google Adsense account through gmail account then apply for Google Adsense account for your blog. Before applying for Google Adsense you should carefully read the terms and conditions of Google Adsense. Because approving for Google Adsense is not easy so you must add good things on your blog to approve Google Adsense fast. So, approve your blog fast and make some money for from your blog. The earnings will defend on your blog traffic and RPM of Adsense. So, it is hard to tell how much you earn? Google Adsense pays for ad click. You can make huge amount of money by adsense if you have heavy traffic. Apart from that if you are not approved by Google Adsense then you can try Chitika, Yahoo and many more ads. Best to try Google Adsense and it’s not hard if you follow Google guidelines.

Affiliate Programs- Make Money by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Programs are really helpful to make money through the blog. You just need to sign up for affiliate program which pays downloading, buying, watching company products offered by them. You just need to place the links their company products in your blog. If reader get attracted by posts and buys the product then you will get paid.  There are lot affiliate companies like Clickbank and many more. You can earn by selling the products, downloading, or if visitor go through the links.

Make Money by Writing Paid Reviews

    If you are getting good traffic on daily basis then there are many company offers to pay for writing a review article as their need and they pays as per your choice on blog traffic. If you are not approved by Google Adsense and you want to make money from your blog then this is the best choice for you guys. It is the best way to make money online by just writing reviews for articles.

Sponsored Post

As you know if your blog has good PR, DA and Alexa rank then you can make money by Guest Posts I mean if you give space to writers, bloggers to add and make money through them. Sponsored Posts is a really easy way to earn money online from your blog. You just need to add their article on your blog and give the credit as link to their blog or social networking pages. So, as there are many bloggers those need popular blogs to promote their website on other websites as per their profit.
Note: Don’t spam your blog by offering too many links from your blog and if you do this there are chances to search engines penalize you blog. So, don’t go against to search engines.

Make Money by Selling Ad Space and Sponsored Ads on Your Blog

Selling Ad Space on Your Blog is also another way to make money by blogging. If you don’t have Adsense Account then you can choose this way by advertising space promoting others product ads and on your blog and make huge money. So, just create a page called “Advertise with US” in your blog then it’s easy for those advertisers those want to advertise on your blog. The same procedure works for Sponsored Ads. 

(**Download) Share it app download free for android

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As we all know that most of the people are struggling to share the bulk of media files with others.  When comes to using the Bluetooth, you will feel too slow to send and receive the files. For this purpose, there is an app called Share it. Basically, it will support both the Android as well as iOS devices. It consumes very less memory to download and install on your device. If you are looking for the bulk files to share with your nearest person, it will take few seconds to deliver the files.  It means it is much faster than we expected when compared to Bluetooth.
By using this amazing app, you can share any type of files like games, movies, songs and more. This makes the most exciting app among the application lovers now. If you are looking for sharing your files at speed rate, then this is the best choice for the people to download for their device and install on it. Also, the important thing is you can download this application at free of cost. When you are starting to use this app, it will engage you from start to end.

Features of Share it

There are some of the important features which will be very helpful for the users during the time of usage.
·         This amazing app consumes very less memory on your device to share and receive the files.
·         Here you can send and receive any type of apps and media files from your device.
·         You can also transfer the larger files more than 40 times speed of Bluetooth.
·         It also supports group sharing where you can transfer the files up to 5 devices.
·         This app has the automatic detection option to find the nearby devices.
·         To share the files, it doesn’t need any internet connection.

Download Share it for Android

For information, this application is mainly available in the Google PlayStore. This makes the people download this app even easier. However, it will support largely the Android devices at free of cost.  By downloading this app, you can expect the great experience of sharing the files for free from your device. It is one of the best sharing apps available on the PlayStore. So the user needs not to worry about sharing the big files through devices.

Steps to Download and Install

By following the steps for downloading and installing, you need to carry some of the important steps. These are the given below steps will help you to lead the way for getting this app.
1.       First of all, the user must visit the Google PlayStore and find the Share it to get and make use of it.
2.       Once you found the app, click the button install to store on your mobile.
3.       Before downloading the app, make sure that your device has enough space to store this app or not.
4.       It will take few seconds to download and install.
5.       Finally, it is ready to work on your device.


It is all about sharing and receiving the files without any issues. For speed transfer of files, you can follow this amazing app at any time. Hope the given steps will be useful for the beginners to download and install.   

Download Shareit