(**Download) Share it app download free for android

As we all know that most of the people are struggling to share the bulk of media files with others.  When comes to using the Bluetooth, you will feel too slow to send and receive the files. For this purpose, there is an app called Share it. Basically, it will support both the Android as well as iOS devices. It consumes very less memory to download and install on your device. If you are looking for the bulk files to share with your nearest person, it will take few seconds to deliver the files.  It means it is much faster than we expected when compared to Bluetooth.
By using this amazing app, you can share any type of files like games, movies, songs and more. This makes the most exciting app among the application lovers now. If you are looking for sharing your files at speed rate, then this is the best choice for the people to download for their device and install on it. Also, the important thing is you can download this application at free of cost. When you are starting to use this app, it will engage you from start to end.

Features of Share it

There are some of the important features which will be very helpful for the users during the time of usage.
·         This amazing app consumes very less memory on your device to share and receive the files.
·         Here you can send and receive any type of apps and media files from your device.
·         You can also transfer the larger files more than 40 times speed of Bluetooth.
·         It also supports group sharing where you can transfer the files up to 5 devices.
·         This app has the automatic detection option to find the nearby devices.
·         To share the files, it doesn’t need any internet connection.

Download Share it for Android

For information, this application is mainly available in the Google PlayStore. This makes the people download this app even easier. However, it will support largely the Android devices at free of cost.  By downloading this app, you can expect the great experience of sharing the files for free from your device. It is one of the best sharing apps available on the PlayStore. So the user needs not to worry about sharing the big files through devices.

Steps to Download and Install

By following the steps for downloading and installing, you need to carry some of the important steps. These are the given below steps will help you to lead the way for getting this app.
1.       First of all, the user must visit the Google PlayStore and find the Share it to get and make use of it.
2.       Once you found the app, click the button install to store on your mobile.
3.       Before downloading the app, make sure that your device has enough space to store this app or not.
4.       It will take few seconds to download and install.
5.       Finally, it is ready to work on your device.


It is all about sharing and receiving the files without any issues. For speed transfer of files, you can follow this amazing app at any time. Hope the given steps will be useful for the beginners to download and install.   

Download Shareit