How to Save Google Maps to use Offline.

In this article am going to guide you How to save Google maps for offline use? Google Maps the best feature by Google. As you want to find your destination you use Google and you also use it for many purposes like Map checking, traffic , route and many more. Some times when you are going to strange location and you are using Google Maps to find the location and have the route plan on your smart phone. But the problem is battery if you on GPS on your mobile continuously then your battery will be low within hours. That’s why we found the solution for your guys in that you can save your route plan or Google maps.
Then the guide explained is here in simple manner and let you know the guide very clearly.  I mean you can use it even without internet and it completely helps you to access the Google maps or location. The below step by step guide will explain you How to save Google Maps? Just two more taps on your phone and you will know the guide completely. Just two minutes and two more taps.

Save Google Maps for Offline use:

                   So, here the guide starts here and you need to follow all the steps carefully in order to use save Maps for offline. Now, there is no much time and you just have to perform the below steps.
Ø  In the first step, open the Google Maps on your device.
Ø  Then you have to search the location in the Google Maps that you want to save.
Ø  Now, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find Save Map to sue Offline. Then tap on that button.
Ø  Now, that again take backs you to the maps the location that you want to save.
Ø  Then you have to choose the perfect location that you want to save.
Ø  Then after selecting the area, you need to tap on Save button.
Ø  Then you have to see the location where it has been saved.
Ø  Then you need to swipe from left side of your screen and you will find option called Your Places and just tap on that button.
Ø  Then scroll down to the bottom and tap on View All and in that tap on Manage button.
Ø  Then it will show you the maps that you have saved.
Ø  That was it.

Final Say:

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